Sometimes, we get caught up in a fix and there’s very little we can do to save ourselves. At this point, big or small, we will require help from people.

Most times, this help is usually financial help. You can check Collected.Reviews for different reasons why people need loans.

If you need reliable companies where you can get loans, continue reading to see 6 recommended loan apps for easier loan applications.

1.     MyConstant:

This app allows you to lend a large sum of money using cryptocurrency as collateral for your loan. The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) on loans from MyConstant can go as low as 6.5 percent. MyConstant app is the future of peer-to-peer lending. Transfers are usually processed quickly and there is a wide range of options for the cryptocurrency that you can use as collateral for your loan. You can also use more than one currency to get one loan and you do not need a credit score to get a loan. However, you cannot get a loan with MyConstant if you do not have a cryptocurrency and if you have a cryptocurrency, the currency has to be at least 150{7b6a25a65eb65005e02b725ab49409c31dfc8f20573cf887d2a3ad59c251d7a7} of the amount you want to loan.

2.     MoneyLion:

MoneyLion is a good platform for building your credit score if you are the type that pays off your loans quickly. You can apply for a loan as soon as you open an account on the MoneyLion app and you can get your loan instantly. MoneyLion does not consider your credit score before giving you a loan even though early repayment of loans can help you build your credit score. With the MoneyLion premium account which costs $19.99 monthly, you can get a credit builder loan of up to $1000 with their friendly interest rates of as low as 6{7b6a25a65eb65005e02b725ab49409c31dfc8f20573cf887d2a3ad59c251d7a7}.

3.     Dave:

Dave is an app that has proven to be very helpful to people who receive a steady income. Other than offering loans, Dave also helps you keep track of your spending and alerts you when you begin to spend too much. There are no interest rates when you borrow from Dave, however, the app charges a $1 monthly fee for its users. The highest you can borrow from Dave is $75 and the loan must be paid on your next payday. Loans are processed within three days for standard delivery and 8 hours for express delivery, though the express delivery costs an additional fee of $4.99.

4.     Prosper:

Prosper is an app that gives you loans for any purpose you want to use it for. The platform is user-friendly and you can increase your chances of getting a loan by stating the reason for the loan instead of allowing the administrators to judge you by your credit score. The better your credit score, the more loans you stand to get from this app. You can get as much as $100,000 if you have a good credit score.

5.     Upstart:

Upstart offers up to $50,000 and this loan can be processed in less than one business day so you can have access to the funds in 24 hours. Upstart uses more than just your score to process your loan, they use other factors. Loans can be as low as $1,000 and as high as 50,000.

6.     Speedy Cash:

Speedy Cash provides short-term loans that you can apply for immediately after completing your registration on the app. If you have any issues, you can allow the app to access your location and help you find the nearest Speedy Cash office to you.

A loan can be just what you need to complete a project that will earn you a fortune, to pay a medical bill, to pay for school, or whatever you want to use the loan for. These apps are the very best for easy loan applications.