By : Lavon

Casinos, bitcoin casinos. Just those words make your mind wonder. To me it sounds like fun. Then again I have always loved playing games and the possibility of winning money at the same time seems great to me. I think I have always been a lucky person. When I was young I was the first baby to be born in the New Year so my parents won money on me alone. My mom and dad always tell me I am their lucky charm. My dad used my birthday as his lotto numbers and always won, so luck and gambling has always been in my life. Don’t get me I don’t gamble for a living, I do have a job in technology and do well, but sometimes my life gets boring and I want to shake things up and I take my parents and we go to a local casino. We usually take a small amount of throw away money as my mom calls in and have tons of fun.

I always win some. So the idea of having that fun online at touch of my fingertips intrigued me. I could play when I want and spent the exact amount I wanted.Your website was helpful because it had a fast amount of sites. I could easily find sports gambling and other types of gambling as well. I have been using your sites for 3 months on and off. I have a great time. I don’t take it too series. I just look to have a little fun and make a little money. Yes, I have lost some, but not enough for me to want to stop. I have won some, but nothing to write home about. To me it is just clean fun on a Saturday afternoon, when I am bored with the television.